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EXPOSED. Invisible EMF Energy Can Kill You and PEMF Energy Can Heal You

by Eileen Kurlander on 05/20/15

Breaking news, 190 scientists from 39 nations came together to expose wireless technology's pervasive health risk to the world and submit an appeal. On May 11, 2015, the International EMF Scientist Appeal was submitted to the United Nations, UN States and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting adoption of protective exposure guidelines for people and animals exposed to constant electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters, wi-fi, wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods and wireless technologies.

In the past, wireless health risks were arguable. However, in 2012 a University of Washington scientist in cellular and molecular engineering, Dr. Lai, reviewed 85 papers on the DNA-damaging effects of the type of (EMR) electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and found 75% of studies funded by the wireless industry or the military showed no genotoxic effects; while 80% of studies done by independent scientists showed harmful effects.

Recently, the Royal College of Physicians predicted half the Irish population will have “some form of cancer” by the year 2025 from these low frequency EMF. Horrifying to know, children are three (3) times more susceptible to cancer from radiation than adults, due to their active growing cells and their thinner, less protective skulls. Rat studies also showed ghastly tumors, generational malformations, DNA mutations and infertility.

As a Mother and full-time Holistic Practitioner, specializing in EMF radiation mitigation in the body, I am grateful scientists spoke up and the truth is out. Now we have a chance to change the course for health. Gone could be the days of US 'convenience ignorance' and 'corporate nonchalance' that has stymied global health.

Many industries were aware of the risks since 1999, global insurance company, Lloyds of London denied covering the manufacturers of mobile phones against risks to users' health. Lloyds recently enacted and Swiss Re Insurance encouraged all insurance companies to include Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion 32, a General Insurance Exclusion, excluding coverage of the entire industry including health effects from wi-fi, radio frequency (towers), wireless devices and mobile phones. Leaving no recourse for people, animals or vegetation affected by long term radiation exposure from government, public, school and private environments.

Ultimate health is difficult to achieve constantly being exposed in radiation soup, and with limited health choices for cancers, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. As a society, we need a shift providing EMF protection and mitigation.

Standing in the way of cancer health progress are felony charges for Medical Doctors and Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and Non Radiating Diagnostics. Felony charges can be filed against Medical Doctors not recommending chemotherapy, radiation and surgery for cancer treatment. Felony charges can also be filed for Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners and Non Radiating diagnostics, if they 'Come Out' stating success detecting or actually shrinking cancers.

Brave politicians have tried to break the monopoly. In 2013, San Diego District 40, Congressman Ben Hueso introduced AB1278 trying to downgrade the felony charge for MD's recommending integrative or holistic approaches for cancer treatments.

I wonder how healthy our society would be if Medical Doctors mentioned the American Cancer Society's web-site to their patients, listing recommended therapies, including PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) proven to reduce tumor size and slow tumor growth in controlled studies. What would happen to health if insurance companies could support you owning a home device so everyone in the family, including pets and animals could stay healthy?

(PEMF) Pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate all of your 80 trillion cells, and does not stop at treating acute or chronic symptoms, but improves functionality of the whole. PEMF systems vary, and work by resonating your cells back to normalcy. PEMF weakens cancer cells, and strengthens healthy cells. Often leaving you feeling great.

Health Canada recently approved only one manufacturer of PEMF for use by its citizens, and it is the same manufacturer the FDA has already approved for use in the USA. (Approved as a Class II medical device). A study published in 2006, found melanomas treated with PEMF shrunk by 90% within two weeks of treatment. In 2011, PEMF was approved by the FDA only for recurrent brain cancer treatment, if resistant to surgery, chemo, radiation.

As a practitioner of healing energy for health and wellness for 20 years, I found PEMF devices can be quite useful in shifting cellular function to normalcy. One of my recommended therapies to reduce cellular stress and maintain health. To protect yourself from harmful EMFs, here are a few of my recommendations.

Tip #1-Switch your wireless (wi-fi) in your home back to wired Ethernet for all of your wi-fi devices. Or, at the very least, turn off and unplug your wireless wi-fi modem at the end of the day and throughout the night.

Tip #2-Keep your cell phone in as thick of a rubber casement as you can find. Get rid of the bluetooth and use an earphone with a real wire attached. Keep your phone at least 3' away from your body at night. NEVER put the phone up to your head, if at all, put it in front of your face a foot away from your neck. Get an EMF protection screen cover. Keep your cellphone on Airplane Mode as often as you can.

Tip #3-  Mitigate. Get Grounded. Switch to leather bottom or a specialty shoe offering a grounding connection to the Earth to help reset the body systems to recover. Better yet, own a PEMF Wellness System with natural Earth-timed frequencies to help you re-set your biorhythms and refuel your systems for superior cellular repair. (I have several I recommend). Please click or copy and paste to contact me for a recommendation.

The goal is to protect your cells and energy fields, deflect harmful energy, transform or transmute the energy towards healthful resonance so your body can recover and build stronger. 

It is my hope in our lifetime, we realize this goal for our future generations of plants, animals and humanity.

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